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Hydraulic Principle Drawing

MORAL LIFT professional manufacturer for kinds of  hydraulic lift platform, hydraulic lifts machine mainly drive part is hydraulic motor, so hydraulic motor is very important,similar with heart of people.hydraulic motor principle drawing as follows:

hydraulic drawing.png

Emergency bolt: mean emergency down valve,when power is failure, worker can rotate it anticlockwise, then platform can down to ground smoothly.

Pressure regulating valve:can adjust it lightly,so when overloading,lifts will not working.

Ajust speed valve: can adjust speed of down, rotate it anticlockwise,lifts can much fast down.

One way valve:Only allow the hydraulic oil to flow in one direction, if the countercurrent, the valve is automatically closed.

Solenoid valve:connect down wire of lifts,when solenoid valve is light, lifts can down working

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