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Installation of vertical cargo lift/Freight elevator

Much more customer need vertical cargo lifts now, this lift is simple and easy operation, This type hydraulic elevator is very convenient for lifting cargo from ground to floor. Installation is very very imporant!

Installation of vertical cargo lift mainly include three parts:

  1. Installation of lead rail, consider easy shipping container, we often need to cut lead rail two parts or three parts,so customer need connect it with screw after get lifts.Lead rails must ensure vertical!!!this is very very important! Adjust space of lead rail with wheel,Note: Lead rails must ensure vertical!!,then  Install fixed steel plate of under. To ensure that the length, width, diagonal  is right. Then strong welding for lead rail and fixed steel plate,and base of cylinder



2.Installation of chain and wire rope. note: chain is mainly force part, wire rope is insurance parts,if chain is brake,wire rope will protect cargo. Install  chain and safe wire rope  on the platform with adjust bolt,The length of the chain and the safety rope is fixed according to the actual height  ensure chain and safety wire rope is vertical!Adjust the tightness to be consistent(tightness of chain and tightness of wire rope is the same). Then check Lead rail,Chain,Safety wire rope again,ensure correct and strong! Then connect motor and cylinder, connect electrical wire,to test lifts,Check space between lead rails and wheels,tightness of chain,and tightness of wire rope, to ensure correct. If found any question,pls stop it at once, then check to adjust to test.

chain and wire rope.png

3.Installation of Limit switch.Lifts can stop on correct location by limit switch. limit switch has three parts, one is basement switch, will be installed on the basement of lifts, when platform down to meet switch, lifts will be stop on the ground, Another is middle switch,will be installed on the correct floor location, when lifts meet to limit switch, lifts will be stop on the correct location.  Finally, finished limit switch and insurance switch, insurance switch will be installed above finished swtich, if finished switch is bad ,insurance switch still can work,ensure lifts can stop! pls look at some photos for learn:

basement switch.pngMiddle floor switch.pngInsurance switch.png

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